FP 7 Ph.D. conference: Local welfare systems and social cohesion

Time: 10-12 June

Venue: Departament de Sociologia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona

Organizers: The course has been organized by four FP 7 projects, i.e. Localise, Cope, Wilco and Flows in collaboration with the Doctoral School of Social Science, Aalborg University.

The local welfare state plays a major role in the delivery of services to welfare recipients, as administrative and political decentralization has delegated responsibilities for service provisions to local political and administrative entities. In effect, massive variations in the organization and distribution of welfare services from municipality to municipality exist, and such differences can be the result of differences in wants and needs of the population, just as they can be the result of different local cultures, traditions and political priorities.

Comparing local policies, partnerships, governance structures and practices, some stand out as contributing better to social cohesion than others, and the purpose of this Ph.D. course is to identify local promising practices most favorable to social cohesion.

Using the local welfare state as our point of departure a more specific aim of this seminar is to shed light on the following questions from a social cohesion and social investment perspective:

  • How can different policy fields, e.g. social and employment policies, and civil society organizations, i.e. policies of NGOs, trade unions and employers associations, be integrated to promote active inclusion?
  • How can a better integration of policies at the local, national and EU level be achieved; i.e. how can vertical governance be achieved and will it promote social inclusion?
  • How can social services be tailored to individual needs?
  • How do policies shape the life-course of individual beneficiaries?
  • Who are the main social actors at the local level; what do local actors do to foster social integration and cohesion, and how are articulations of interests transferred into local policies?
  • How can innovations at the local level successfully be transferred and implemented in other settings?


Key note speakers:

Prof. Ron McQuaid (Localise): How to organize local activation policies? Employment service delivery between cooperation and competition

Prof. Martin Heidenreich (Cope): European Worlds of Service Provision: Patterns and Challenges at the Local Level

Prof. Adalbert Evers (Wilco): Social innovations in local policies for social inclusion.

Prof. Birgit Pfau-Effinger (Flows): Local welfare systems and local welfare cultures



Full participation during three days, including paper presentation: 5 ETCS



Participation is pre-conditioned by the presentation of a paper. Admission to the course will be based on an abstract. Abstracts should be about 500 words. You will be noticed whether your abstract has been accepted by the 1st April.


Participation fee:

A fee of EURO 80 covers coffee, drinks and conference dinner.



About EURO 80 per night



Dead-line for the submission of abstract is the 15th March 2013.

When you submit your abstract please indicate (1) your name, (2) institutional affiliation and (3) whether you need accommodation.

Please send your abstract to Merete Ejsing-Duun, Aalborg University, e-mail: ime@dps.aau.dk


Overall organizer

The Doctoral School of Social Science, Aalborg University, bears the overall responsibility for the course. The course certificate will be issued by the Doctoral School, Aalborg University (http://www.en.fak.samf.aau.dk/phd/)

For further information about the course, contact prof. Per H. Jensen, Aalborg University, perh@dps.aau.dk. Phone +45 9940 8170


Local organizer:

Prof. Lluis Flaquer and Fernando Antón Alonso, Departament de Sociologia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona. E-mail: Fernando.Anton.Alonso@uab.cat


This course is the result of the collaboration between four EU 7FP projects:

Localise: http://www.localise-research.eu/

Cope: http://cope-research.eu/

Wilco: http://www.wilcoproject.eu/

Flows: www.flows-eu.eu


Call as pdf: FP7 Phd course Barcelona

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