FP 7 Conference Berlin







Towards Inclusive Employment and Welfare Systems: Challenges for a Social Europe

Berlin, 9-10 October 2014

Since the onset of the financial crisis, European integration has come under pr essure not only politically but also economically and socially. Rising unemployment and deprivation have deepened divisions both between countries and between labour market insiders and outsiders. The EU's major social policy response to the crisis has been the 'social investment' agenda that calls for a better integration of employment and social policies, similar to the earlier 'active inclusion' paradigm yet at least rhetorically with a strengthened focus on economic performance rather than social cohesion.

In October 2014, six FP7 research projects (COPE, FLOWS, IMPROVE, INSPIRES, LOCALISE, WILCO) are organizing a conference to explore current social trends in Europe as well as the effect of social investment or active inclusion-oriented policies – where they exist – on patterns of social inclusion and exclusion. Attention will also be paid to the intersection between policy and governance, and the question how social and employment policies are (best) implemented, especially at the local level. More conceptual considerations about the current direction of social and employment policy in Europe are also welcome.

Deadline for Abstracts: 31 March 2014 

Please find the Call for Papers here.

Further information is avaliable at www.inclusive-europe-conference.eu