Policy Dialogue

Research on integrated social and employment policies calls for strong involvement and intensive cooperation with various local, national and European stakeholders. Academic research on policy relevant topics strongly benefits from external input – and has, even more relevant, the duty to feed back its findings to the public community and to policy makers. Thus, LOCALISE does not only produce policy briefs, but organises a number of national and international events for interested stakeholders. As a first contact with national stakeholders from the policy sphere, all national teams organised in 2012 National Stakeholder Meetings in their home countries. In Feruary/March 2013, a policy workshop in Brussels took place, where the research findings were presented to European stakeholders and other interested guests. After a second series of National Stakeholder Meetings in 2013,  all national teams presented their findings also to stakeholders at the local level. These local stakeholders are local policy makers or administrators who deal with social and employment policies in the local entities under study in LOCALISE. These very fruitful Local Authority Meetings served as a platform for a dialogue on local activation policies and related governance structures. A similar dialogue, but with a focus on the European level was provided by the Joint Policy Conference of four FP7 projects in June 2014 in Brussels. Here, all projects presented their policy-relevant findings to a broad public audience. These findings were discussed by representatives from the ILO, the European Commission, the European Anti-Poverty Network and the European Representation of the Federal Employment Agency of Germany.

Please find here further material (programmes, reports, slides etc.) on local, national and European policy-dialogue events:

National Stakeholder Meetings 2012 and 2013

Local Authority Meetings 2014

Joint Policy Conference 2014