Work Packages

LOCALISE is organised in two administrative (1 and 8) and six contentual (2-7) work packages, each led by one of the European partners. All contentual work packages are interdependent and require research activities in all partner countries.

In the first part of the project, the LOCALISE research group analyses how European programmes, national  governance patterns and the regional socioeconomic context affect the local governance of social cohesion. Proceeding to the main part of  the project, the LOCALISE team then studies in-depth how 18 local  entities in six European countries cope with the challenges of an  integrated social cohesion policy. Finally, the individual effects of integrated social cohesion policies on long-term unemployed and otherwise disadvantaged groups are assessed by the research team.

Work Package 2: The National Governance of Integrated Social Cohesion policy

Work Package 3: Regional Patterns and Perceptions of Social Inequalities in Europe

Work Package 4: The Local Governance of Social Cohesion

Work Package 5: The Europeanisation of Local Social Cohesion Policy

Work Package 6: The Individualisation of Interventions

Work Package 7: The Impact of an Integrated Approach to Social Cohesion