Project Reports

Report on WP2: European Comparision of the National Governance of Integrated Social Cohesion, by Thierry Berthet and Clara Bourgeois pdf

Report on WP3: Income inequalities in Europe, by Marin Heidenreich pdf

First Policy Brief, by Patrizia Aurich pdf

Report on WP4: The Local Governance of Social Cohesion in Europe: International Comparison, by Vanesa Fuertes and Ron McQuaid pdf

Report on WP5: The Local Usages of Europe, by Serida Catalano and Paolo Graziano pdf

Report on WP6: The Individualisation of Social Citizenship in Europe, by Christina Garsten and Kerstin Jacobsson pdf

Report on WP7: The Impact of an Integrated Approach to Social Cohesion, by Karolina Sztandar‐Sztanderska in cooperation with Sławomir Mandes pdf

Second Policy Brief, by Deborah Rice and Katharina Zimmermann pdf